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The ground  The address:Shun DE city of hunan province, which lengshuitan lingling road north Moore wealth center13A01

  Which character decoration engineering co., LTDWas established21The early years of the nineteenth century,In hunan province, which lengshuitan。Is the present which was the only one professional Store imageDesign,Storefront and hardware productionIn the factory。We have more than two thousand square standard of professional production plant,The factory equipment is complete,Equipped with a sophisticated production tools,Mature production technology,Can be mass produced all kinds of cases。 
  We design and manufacture of ascension、Brand image and increase sales as the goal,Is committed to customer design and production for brand personality、Memorable image、Concise fashion、Outstanding commodity style integration of high quality service。
  Along the way,We pursuit,Continuously strengthen design concept and production levels,In the limited space to play unlimited creativity,We believe that our professional is to support and strengthen you shows the core concept of products and services。
  In order to your needs,Our designers and production engineers,For your design、Different style、Different types of display cases,With more can highlight the commodity brand style and personality,In order to meet the performance and brand as the center。
  We always insist on“Quality first,The user is supreme,High-quality service,Abide by the contract”The aim of the,With high quality products,Good prestige,The high quality service,Products sold throughout the country。Wholeheartedly with the domestic and foreign merchants win-win cooperation,Common development……

Product display
Titanium alloy high-quality goods shelves01Titanium alloy high-quality goods shelves01
Titanium alloy high-quality goods shelves02Titanium alloy high-quality goods shelves02
Titanium alloy high-quality goods shelves03Titanium alloy high-quality goods shelves03
Titanium alloy high-quality goods shelves04Titanium alloy high-quality goods shelves04
Titanium alloy-Auto accessoriesTitanium alloy-Auto accessories
Titanium alloy-Car stereoTitanium alloy-Car stereo
Titanium alloy-Auto supplies of goldTitanium alloy-Auto supplies of gold
Titanium alloy-Car MATS01Titanium alloy-Car MATS01
Titanium alloy-Car MATS02Titanium alloy-Car MATS02
Female bagFemale bag
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