About us

The ankang quality certification research center(ACC)Is Shanghai free trade zone expansion area after the first service in food and dietary supplement companies of the third party lab,We will use the international advanced the concept of food safety,Research and development technology,Certification and inspection for Chinese food and nutrition industry with high-end services。


Our visionLet the Chinese eat healthier! (Health = Quality + Security)

Our advantage

One-stop service: Provide from the product research and development,Detection,Certification to the consultation and training of the overall solution。

}  We have a world-class laboratory,Professional certification and research and development team,Will getCNASLaboratory accreditation(ISO17025)、The usda organic certification、Organic certification in China、Good agricultural practices certification qualification, etc。

}  We in the United States and New Zealand have industry well-known strategic partner,Has a strong team of international experts。

Our service

}  Research and development

Product conceptual design  

The product formula research and development

Technology development

Pilot production    

Product warranty and stability study  

Consumer tastes

Research and development of packaging  

Dietary supplement materials research

}  Detection

Food labeling test 

Raw material inspection 

The finished product release 

Food safety testing

Dietary supplements

}  Certification

Organic certification 

Food safety certification

Good agricultural practices certification

Supplier audit

}  Consulting and training

Import and export laws and regulations consultation 

Food safety solutions

Good manufacturing practices for training

The United StatesFDA GRASAnd new nutrient elements to declare

What we can do

}  Farms and planting base   Support in the whole process of the industrial chain:Production technical supportàInputsàOrganic certificationàProduct research and developmentàDeep processing productsàSales channels。

}  Food and dietary supplement manufacturers   Food and functional food products research and development,Consulting and certification、The choice of organic material、Factory certification、The product ingredients、Packaging and labels, etc。

}  Import and export enterprises   We provide a full set of import and export、Certification and engineering services,Help both at home and abroad market docking。

}  Food and beverage,Retail and food circulation channels such as electricity   The food supply chain risk assessmentàAccording to theFDAStandard custom detection schemeàRegular sampling inspectionàAnalysis of the potential danger of training,To prevent food safety accidents。

Congratulations to the ankang for success“China(Shanghai)Free trade area 10 classic sample enterprise”
Shanghai free trade zone was set up for more than three years,Have produced a large number of using fta the excellent enterprise innovation policy made good benefit。For better display free trade brings to the enterprise system of dividends,Strengthen the market main body of the acquisition,Encourage enterprises to participate in the process of creating and using more free trade system,In a broader copying and promote the innovation of the free trade zone policy and experience,Shanghai free trade zone administrative committee to carry out the first“China(Shanghai)Free trade area 10 classic sample enterprise”The selection activities,The well-being were evaluated“Enterprise system innovation sample”。
Municipal party committee secretary of the Korea research free trade area to visit the well-being
7Month17Throughout the day,Municipal party committee secretary of han in the pudong new area of research on construction progress。Han zheng secretary in the morning visit to the research and development of ankang quality certification center。
Prosperity!The ankang won the aptitude testing institutions(CMA)
2017Years7Month4Day,The ankang quality detection technology(Shanghai)Co., LTD have issued by Shanghai bureau of quality and technical supervision《Qualification certificate of testing institutions》,The certificate number:170900341468。
Shanghai inspection and quarantine bureau of the party group members to visit a lineACC
8Month1Day,Shanghai inspection and quarantine bureau of the party group members、Pudong, inspection and quarantine bureau chief、Party secretary Zou Xingwei visit a lineACC,Rongping, President of company recent situation and the company import and export related business report to zou director to work
The ankang quality detection technology(Shanghai)Co., LTD., won the Chinese national council of conformity assessment laboratory accreditation certificate
The ankang quality detection technology(Shanghai)Co., LTD2017Years2Month6Day won the certificate of conformity assessment issued by the national approval committee,The certificate numberL9671,WBH!
CCTV、The People's Daily、The xinhua news agency, etc. Almost20Home media interviews in ankang
9Month18On the afternoon,Organized by Shanghai free trade area management committee,From the center、Shanghai and pudong new area near20Media visited as negative listing jinqiao fta directly benefit enterprise management mode——The ankang quality detection technology(Shanghai)Co., LTD,Media listened to the related enterprise is introduced,Understand the beauty ankang and interviewed beauty ankang, chief executive of the tree as a lady。
Email: info@zhuanshengben.net.cn
Tel: +86 21 50320118
The sample inspection
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